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Welcome to Staffa Health

We have now activated our SMS text messaging service, patients whose current upto date mobile number is recorded by the practice will receive appointment confirmation and reminder text messages.

The Summary Care Record and care.data: two very different projects.

Care.Data - Better Information Means Better Care leaflet
In response to this recent NHS leaflet drop a number of patients have contacted us. Care.Data is more about statistics and trends that can be obtained from the wholesale analysis of data, details that could identify the patient are removed. Care.data should not be confused with Summary Care Records.

Patient Access Online Services are now available for you to Book or cancel appointments or order prescriptions. To use this service you must register with the surgery. NB: This new online service now replaces the old prescription ordering service that was available on this website.

For more information on any of the above see the relevant links under Patient Information.

GP services covering Tibshelf, Holmewood, Pilsley, Stonebroom, and surrounding areas.

Latest Practice News: Staffa Health's Patient Survey 2014

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) discussed and agreed at our September 2013 meeting to rerun the Patient survey that was previously developed by the group in 2011. It was decided that for continuity and comparison of results that the survey should be rerun for a third year.

How was the survey conducted? The survey was conducted from October 2013 to February 2014.

  • The survey was posted on the Practice web site.
  • The survey was available as a leaflet.
  • The survey was posted out to 250 patients on the patient register.
  • This leaflet was present in each surgery and was also available in the local pharmacies.
  • Surveys were offered to patients by clinicians at the end of their appointment
  • Surveys were handed out to patients attending flu clinics
  • At the end of each question people were given the space to write an explanatory note

    See the full report for our 2013-14 results.

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Our Principles

Staffa Health is a primary care team; that means we are the first people you come to when you need health care. We try to ensure that our patients are kept well-informed. As a team we aim to give you:

  • the advice and information you need to achieve and maintain better health
  • the best healthcare possible using the resources available to us

We believe that prevention is better than cure. As well as offering healthcare when it is needed, we aim to work with the community to try to prevent problems from occurring so that the need for our crisis services will decrease and the people we serve will enjoy a better standard of health.

Our Surgeries

  • Tibshelf

    3 Waverley Street, DE55 5PS

    01773 309030

    8am – 6.30pm Mon, Wed & Fri
    8am – 8pm Tues & Thurs
    7am – 12 noon on Saturday

  • Holmewood

    19a Heath Road, S42 5RB

    01246 389180

    8.30am – 6pm Mon, Wed & Thurs
    8.30am – 1pm Tues & Fri

  • Stonebroom

    189 Birkinstyle Lane, DE55 6LD

    01773 309040

    8.30am – 6pm Mon to Fri

  • Pilsley

    Willow Close, S45 8JA

    01773 309050

    8.30am – 12.30pm Mon, Tue & Thu
    2.00pm – 6.00pm Mon, Tue & Thu
    8.30am – 12.30pm Wed & Fri

Extended Opening Hours

Please note our EXTENDED OPENING HOURS at Tibshelf, which are 6pm - 8pm Tues & Thurs & Saturday Mornings, are for pre booked GP appointments only.

QUEST Training Sessions

To allow protected time for team development the practice closes on certain afternoons from 1.30 p.m. These sessions are called QUEST sessions (Quality Education and Study Time).

When the surgery is closed emergency cover is provided by Derbyshire Health United. Below is a list of dates of planned half day closure for QUEST sessions for 2013/14.

  • Wednesday 15th Jan 2014

    Wednesday 12th Feb 2014

    Wednesday 12th March 2014

    Wednesday 9th April 2014

  • Wednesday 14th May 2014

    Wednesday 11th June 2014

    Wednesday 16th July 2014

    Wednesday 17th September 2014

  • Wednesday 15th October 2014

    Wednesday 12th November 2014

    Wednesday 14th January 2015

    Wednesday 11th February 2015

    Wednesday 11th March 2015